Mire1Professor Zloh has taken a position of the Head of Pharmaceutical Chemistry in the Department of Pharmacy in January 2013.

Prior to his present position was Senior Lecturer at the UCL School of Pharmacy and was responsible for the integrated structural chemistry service that provides NMR, MS and CHN analysis to internal and external users. He was an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Belgrade for the Clinical Chemistry Instrumentation course before moving to London. From 2002 to 2003, he was a tutor counsellor for the Open University. Prof. Zloh was Deputy Director on the MSc Course in Drug Discovery at UCL School of Pharmacy.

Prof. Zloh has continued collaborations with Professors Simon Gibbons, Steve Brocchini, Stephen Neidle, Drs John Malkinson, Geoff Wells and Paul Stapleton at the UCL  School of Pharmacy. He has external collaborations with Professors Ivan Juranic, Slavica Eric and Vladirmir Savic (University of Belgrade), Dr Petros Tsoungas (Greece), Professor Laurence Patterson (University of Bradford), Professor Rogério Gaspar (University of Lisbon) and Professor Deniz Tasdemir (National University of Ireland).

Prof. Mire Zloh graduated in Physical Chemistry from the University of Belgrade (Yugoslavia) in 1987. He was then awarded an MSc in Physical Chemistry from the same university in 1992. His research in structural biology resulted in a PhD in Chemistry from the University of London in 1998 with a thesis entitled “Conformational Studies of the High Affinity IgE Receptor Peptides and Domains by NMR and Molecular Modelling”.

He was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and as a member of Molecular Graphics and Modelling Society, Serbian Chemical Society and Society of Physical Chemists of Serbia. Prof. Zloh was serving as a membership secretary for the now defunct RSC Molecular Modelling interest group.

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