catiaSince 2010, Dr Catia Seri is a chemist consultant for the Italian National Early Warning System (N.E.W.S.) – Department of Antidrug Policies, Presidency of the Council of Ministers, c/o the Addiction Department, ULSS 20, Verona, dealing with the description of the analytical and pharmaco-toxicological aspects of new psychoactive substances reported through the activities of the N.E.W.S.

Dr Seri has a background in organic synthesis with research experience in the design, synthesis, purification and characterisation of new chemical entities with therapeutic potential for the treatment of CNS disorders. She recently obtained a PhD degree in Medicine and Forensic Science from the University of Verona, Italy. Since 2010 she is also engaged in scientific writing and communication in the field of addiction and drug use prevention through the editing, supervision and publication of educational articles published on Italian institutional portals.