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ESRC Seminar Series ‘New Drugs’

Supply and Demand: Drug Markets in Transition

Thursday 26th March, 1pm- 5pm, Van Mildert College, Durham University, DH1 3HN

I am delighted to be able to confirm the speakers for the second event in the ESRC Seminar Series ‘New Psychoactive Substances and Human Enhancement Drugs’ at Durham University, Thursday March, 26th 2015.

Speakers include:  Dr Monica Barratt (National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, University of New South Wales); Michael Linnell, (Independent researcher); Professor Rainer Schmidt (University of Vienna); Professor Fiona Measham (Durham University); Dr Russell Newcombe (3D research); Steve Rolles (Transform); Charlie McLean & Jennifer Brizell (Liverpool John Moores University); Kieran Hamilton, (Stirling University); Deirdre Ruane (University of Kent).

The seminar will focus on the impacts of new drugs on the culture, organisation and control of drug supply networks and drug market activities. The impacts at the local, regional and international level will be considered. We will include sessions on NPS and street drug markets; online supply and new technologies; and club drug markets, new technologies and harm reduction.

The seminar, and the series, will be of interest to drug-related researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers.

Thanks to those of you who have already reserved your place.

For queries or to reserve your place at this free event please email Kate O’Brien (kate.o’brien@durham). Note that spaces are limited.

Details of the ESRC seminar series here
Details of how to travel to Durham University

Pleasure, novel psychoactives and the brain’s basement: What is known and what the EU-Madness Project will hopefully clarify

Venue: Whitelands College, Gilbert Scott Lecture Theatre, University of Roehampton

Time and date: 17:00 – 18:00 Thursday 12th March 2015


Public Lecture
by Professor Gaetano Di Chiara

Professor of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy at the University of Cagliari, Italy Partner of the EU-MADNESS Project investigating Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS)

Thursday 12th March 2015

Whitelands College, Gilbert Scott Lecture Theatre 5.00 pm – 6pm

Professor Di Chiara will discuss the brain’s responses to recreational drugs and address the concerns about recently emerging novel psychoactive substances (NPS) describing how the EU-MADNESS Project* is dealing with these. Professor Di Chiara is a distinguished neuroscientist and an expert in this field of research.

* EU-MADNESS = EUropean-wide, Monitoring, Analysis and knowledge Dissemination on Novel/Emerging pSychoactiveS: integrated EU NPS monitoring & profiling to prevent health harms and update professionals (an EU-funded project). 


9th Annual conference of the International Society for the Study of Drug Policy (ISSDP)

Venue: Gent (Belgium) – 20 – 22 May 2015

Time and date: Wednesday, 20th May 2015

The conference will be hosted by the Institute for Social Drug research (ISD) which is part of the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology of the Faculty of Law, Ghent University. The ISD, founded in 2002, is a research group that conducts and promotes internationally relevant scientific research regarding different aspects of drug consumption, the supply of drugs, and local, national and transnational drug policies.

The venue for the conference (“Het Pand”, a former Dominican monastery and nowadays a historical monument) is situated in the historical town center at the banks of the river Leie. Historical places such as the Castle of the Counts, St Bavo’s Cathedral, Belfry as well as museums, restaurants and hotels are within 5-minute walking distance.

The ISSDP Conference is a unique occasion to present your latest findings to an intellectually engaged, diverse and dedicated scholarly community, and to immerse yourself in the state of the art across the full spectrum of drug policy research, with the participation of leading international scholars. Besides the plenary sessions, the 2015 ISSDP conference will offer space for panel discussions, poster sessions, post-conference workshops, etc. A detailed description of the ISSDP conference style is available here. The call for papers and panels is available here.

Researchers and/or practitioners interested in contributing papers that advance future thinking regarding the development, assessment, or evolution of drug policy nationally or internationally are encouraged to submit abstracts. As at all ISSDP conferences we welcome papers on the monitoring, analysis and evaluation of international and national drug policies and methodological and theoretical developments in drug policy analysis. Other areas of particular interest this year include the following:

  • Qualitative research methods, drug markets and drug policies
  • Historical lessons for the future
  • The Dutch coffeeshop-model: recent developments and discussions
  • Drug markets and policy responses in Africa, the Middle East, Asia.
  • Reviewing the international drug control system: obstacles and opportunities
  • Drug problems and drug policies in major cities
  • The insider’s perspectives: dealers, traffickers and users on drug policy
  • Drugs and human rights


2nd Congress of Academy of Forensic Sciences

Venue:The Megaro Mousikis in Athens, Greece

Time and date: 21st – 23rd November 2014


II International Congress Neupsyco 2014. Neurosciences and Psychiatry: “Frontiers and Bridges”


Time and date: 17th-19th November 2014

The event aims at promoting an advanced and high level scientific exchange on current clinical and research issues in the main fields of Neuroscience.

The Cuban Neuroscience Center, the Cuban Society for Psychiatry and the Association MIND (Education and Research in Neurosciences and Medicine) with the sponsorship of the Italian Society for Psychiatry, the Sapienza University of Rome and the Havana Medical University convened the II International Congress Neupsyco 2014. Neurosciences and Psychiatry: “Frontiers and Bridges” to be held in Havana, Cuba, from 17 to 19 November 2014.

In this second edition sessions and exhibition areas will become suitable sites for the discussion of issues related to the scientific program, with the expected participation of clinicians, professors, researchers, professionals and health technicians from Northern and Latin America, Asia and Europe, as well as recognized companies which will show their latest developments in the field.

It will be a unique opportunity for all the participants to meet this second edition. 


The Psychedelic Society Launch Event: Mainstreaming Psychedelics

Venue: Conway Hall, London

Time and date: Monday 3rd November 2014

The Psychedelic Society brings together people fascinated by and appreciative of psychedelic substances: from baristas to barristers, doctors to designers.

We hold regular events designed to foster discussion and community amongstpsychonauts.

We are committed to being as inclusive as possible, welcoming people of all ages, genders, ethnicities and sexual orientations and taking positive steps to encourage a diverse range of voices at our events.

The Society does not engage in illegal activities during any of its events. Don’t get involved to buy or sell illegal substances.


2014 National Drug Trends Conference – Australia: Major Drug Trends and Issues

Venue: Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney, Australia

Time and date: Monday, 20th October 2014

The National Drug Trends Conference will present recent findings in illicit drug use, markets and related harms across Australia and internationally. Convened by Australia’s largest drug monitoring systems, the Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS) and the Ecstasy and Related Drugs Reporting System (EDRS), the one day conference will include the first release of the 2014 findings. 


Monitoring drug-related deaths and infectious diseases

Venue: Lisbon

Time and date: 15-17 October 2014

EMCDDA expert meeting dedicated to the agency’s drug-related deaths and mortality among drug users indicator (DRD) and the drug-related infectious diseases indicator (DRID) 


First European conference on addictive behaviours and dependencies

Venue: Lisbon, Portugal

Time and date: 23–25 September 2015

Four prominent entities from the field of addictions are joining forces to put on the First European conference on addictive behaviours and dependencies. The pioneering event, to be held in Lisbon from 23–25 September 2015, will be organised by the Portuguese General-Directorate for Intervention on Addictive Behaviours and Dependencies (1), in collaboration with the scientific journal Addiction; the International Society of Addiction Journal Editors (ISAJE); and the EMCDDA.

Through plenary sessions, multidisciplinary workshops and discussion fora, the conference will showcase the latest developments in European addiction science and explore the topics of illicit drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gambling and other addictive behaviours. The event will draw on expertise from a variety of disciplines including: epidemiology, policy research, clinical research, social sciences, behavioural science and human psychopharmacology.

Leading international and European addiction experts will deliver keynote speeches and explore issues of topical interest. The conference is designed to be a major networking event and facilities will be available to foster interaction and specialist meetings in its margins. A call for abstracts will be published in the autumn.


16th WPA (World Psychiatric Association) Congress

Venue: Madrid, Spain

Time and date: 14-18 September 2014


The 50th Congress of the European Societies of Toxicology

Venue: Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Time and date: 7-10 September 2014